View from the Schweizerhaus down
to the rhine valley:

At the Schweizerhaus
(here you may eat dinner etc):

Scamp marks the spot where the
main party tent will be located:

Yep, lot's of space...

This will be the car park:

UNDERGROUND CONFERENCE 7 is featuring a fucking great location. UC will be located on a huge meadow next to the "Schweizerhaus" in the forest near Bingen am Rhein.

The "Schweizerhaus" is some kind of forest restaurant built back 1845. It was once built as a guest house for nearby Castle Rheinstein, high up on the hills next to the rhine valley. Well, some days later, cars and stuff got invented. And people noticed, that the only means to reach "Schweizerhaus" was a 40 minutes walk through the forest. Therefore it doesn't see many visitors anymore these days, which enabled us to rent the whole location.

There couldn't be a better location for Underground Conference. Next to the house, there is a FUCKING big meadow, completely surrounded by forest. The next town (Bingen) is several kilometers away, so we can be as LOUD as we want to be, and hell, we WILL be loud :). As the "Schweizerhaus" is equipped with running water, phone and power connections through the forest, we also got access to this. So, we got all the great things about a "at the end of the world"-location (no problems regarding noise, beautiful views, wild animals etc) combined with stuff you usually don't find at the end of the world - internet connectivity, enough power for everything, water toilets etc.

The party itself will take place inside a huge party tent on the meadow, and of course on the meadow itself. In addition to our own food/drink stand, the Schweizerhaus will be offering Dinner and snack. They also have a terrace to sit on, with a breathtaking view over the complete rhine valley.

We are pretty sure you will love the location as much as we do.



Here at UNDERGROUND CONFERENCE, we are very KNALLHART regarding our rules. Phear us!