After the Party

Well, it's over and it got damn rocked.


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Partyvideos done by JCO - (XVID AVI with MP3 sound):


This is how many litres of beer got consumed (Top 10). Gin-Tonic or Vodka drinks counted as two beers.

nickname group litres
cyraxx  Tofuschnitzel mit Curry-  22.67 
abductee  schinken  21 
PsyKon  schlampenkraft_für_sobec  19 
sobec  speckdrumm  15 
PCrazee  never  15 
scamp  vacuum / BP organizing  14 
dase  never  13 
acryd  farbrausch  12.33 
kai  Smash Designs  10.67 
anderer  taunus/die wissenden  10.33 

Richest sceners

These are the sceners who spent most RULE at the party (not including entrance fee).

nickname RULE spent
cyraxx  73534 
abductee  61244 
scamp  60999 
PCrazee  58954 
PsyKon  56933 
acryd  52293 
lunatic  50361 
sobec  50177 
Bombe  42710 
shag  42302 

Now you know.