Competitions are probably the main attraction of every decent demo-party. Luckily, UNDERGROUND CONFERENCE isn't decent. WE ARE FUCKING HARDCORE. And so are our competitions.

To make the competition fair and interesting for both the demomakers and the viewers, there are rules. You should ignore them. Deciding about these rules is always hard, so I simply copy&pasted them from the Breakpoint website. That was less hard.

Anyway. Below you'll find our basic set of competitions. If you got a nice idea for a competition, mail it to or just run the competition at UC, we won't care.

Oh yeah, and we always have an open ass for constructive criticism!


  • If you submit something, you have to be present at the party. No exceptions! Well, no exceptions besides that remote submissions by anyone are absolutely ok. But other than that, NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Entries which we cannot get to run will be disqualified. No panic, you will get your chance to fix problems, and you can always ask us to test your production on the compo machines. But we won't.
  • Racism, child pornography, and any kind of content that violates german law will be disqualified. We will neither make exceptions to this rule nor accept any objections. Instead we will burn you on the bonfire.
  • We reserve our right to kick productions out of the competition, if we think them to be total crap or detestable, even in competitions without preselection. They are not disqualified and you can still vote for them, but they will not be shown (or played) on the bigscreen. Or maybe they will, we won't tell you.
  • Entries have to be free of third party rights unless you have a legal license to use the given content. So no ripped music, no movie snippets, no closeups of trademarked logos, etc. Well, actually we don't care at all, do what you want.
  • All shown entries will be spread. We will do our best to make them available in release packs on our compo server directly after the competition was held. If we aren't too drunk, which we probably WILL be.
  • We reserve the right to skip long and boring parts in demos during the competitions, especially scroller parts and endscrollers. We also reserve the right to cancel all competitions and instead only show scrollers and boring parts all the time.
  • If there are less than three entries for a compo, all entries will be shown 5 times to fill the compo.
  • Compo entries may not have been released before. This means whole productions, productions may to a certain grade contain previously released material. Please contact the organizers blablabla.
  • Pure animations are not accepted, except in the Animation/Video competition. And except in the music competition. And the gfx competition. And the booze compos. And everywhere else.
  • All measurements will be done in ELITEGROUP member steps
  • All votes are faked using the patented UC voting system.

    Combined Demo/Intro compo

    rules: 15 MB max (all files, zipped). format must be .BAT, .COM or .EXE (for PC's that is. Amiga, C64, Atari and whatever-users might prefer some other format ;) Organizers will try to run everything. Remember: This is not TP4 - not the best 3ds-duck will win, the most creative demo will. Also keep in mind that visitors might be drunk or stoned or just in funny mood. Don't show us boring code, don't show us a boring "design-demo". Do something we can laugh about. This is your chance to do something progressive. Fun. Whatever. There are no convention. Just do something NEW and outstanding and there is a good chance to win the compo and lotsa love from the visitors.

    This compo might be split into separate compos if there are enough entries and demand. Unlike many of the other compos, this compo will be organized more or less professionally, so yes, it's ok to submit a decent entry here.

    Pixel GFX Compo

    rules: All fileformats on all systems. This is the pixel compo. Nearly all partys today allow you to hand it stupid scanned or rendered shit as a "pixelled gfx". That sucks. Every real gfx'er who hand-pixeled his image should be pissed about it. We won't accept that for UC. If there are doubts about your contribution, be sure to have some steps of the work handy.

    Raytraced entries are OK, too, but no photoshopped crap images. Serious compo.

    Multichannel-with-Livesupport compo

    rules: This is one of the best inventions UC brought to life. Everyone loves it, so make sure not to miss this chance for a contribution. Create a module with your favourite tracker (mp3s are ok too). At the party you have to "support" your song live. Either with your voice or with some weird instrument or whatever comes into your mind.

    This is an important compo, do entries, goddamnit!

    Happy Hardcore compo

    rules: Hand in your happy hardcore track. Modules and mp3s are ok. Live performance on stage is welcome, but not a requirement.

    Chiptune compo

    rules: Create a Chiptune with your favourite tracker. Maximum filesize is 40KB. If you prefer you can also do a "real" chiptune using SID, ADLIB or whatever.

    Paralymp3 compo

    This is the main music compo for both tracked and non-tracked entries. The usual rules apply, and there probably will be a preselection.

    However, entries will only be played on the party PA as long as the submitter performs handicapped actions ordered by the organizers! As soon as you stop doing whatever ordered, your entry will be faded out.

    Shitmusic compo

    rules: Create the worst module in the universe. But be creative, it's too easy to make 250BPM-hardcore-shitmusic. Try to explore new ways to create shitty music. Stuff that's too melodic will be disqualified by our visitors in realtime.

    180 BPM Topfschlagen

    rules: This compo exists since the very first Underground Conference. Beat on an old pot with a stick. We will sample it and measure the BPM-Rate. You have to get as close as possible to 180 BPM to win.


    rules: Yeah, now that's a HARDCORE competition. We will play some nice C64-SID-Tunes and some weird braindead people will jump, bang and dance to it. Beating up each other also is ok. We don't have any clues who the winner is selected, we'll work something out.

    DEMOHASS compo

    Show your hate. All of it. Pick any demo/intro you really really hate, and screw it up. Replace parts, distort it, whatever. Just make really plausible that you hate it.

    Dutch colorscheme Gfx

    Create a picture using the dutch color scheme palette provided here:

    Only use those colors! Don't modify or reorder the palette. Progammatically dithered pictures will be disqualified.

    Download the palette in Adobe Photoshop format
    Download the palette in text format
    Download the palette as GIF file

    Harddisk throwing compo

    We'll supply the HDDs. Measurements are done in Elitegroup member steps.

    Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazt compo

    Will be announced at the party

    Boozing compo

    Not really a compo. Due to the rulecard system, all your beer orderings will be recorded. Who drinks most, wins. It's as simple as that.